Ecoquimicos SAS

Founded in 2001 on the city of Bogota - Colombia, under an initiative between mother and son. Ecoquimicos offers the whole necessary advising in the application of products for water treatments.

In 2002, Ecoquimicos starts commercializing the Bifloruro of Ammonium and the Acid Fluorhídrico. After these both products Ecoquimicos makes entry in the market with: opalizadores and screen, oils, cleaning and maintenance.

In 2012, the first certification is realized in Colombia from NSPF (National Pool and Spa Foundation), certification in which Ecoquimicos have participation. There Ecoquimicos is received as company, having in addition, the youngest person of the country iwith the certified CPO.

In the same year (2012), Ecoquimicos opens his new facilities in the street 72, offering to his clients a better environment and a better service.

Ecoquimicos SAS; a company compromised with the service and quality, enough to offer the best service to his clients.

¡Ecoquimicos SAS, para producir bien!

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Ecoquimicos S.A.S. | Carrera 29A No. 71C - 57 | PBX: 310 80 33 | Móvil: 310 280 4499.
Bogotá - Colombia.